I'm engaged in a process I call “pure pinching,” that is, making the goal of my “practice” to be present to the process of growing a vessel out of one piece of clay. I'm registering a meditative moment within a contemplative vessel. An image in the clay is formed. In Concerning the Spiritual in Art,  Kandinsky explained that if fully present the vibration that the artist experienced while creating a work would be transferred to the piece and experienced in subsequent encounters. The work for me is documentation of a state of being. Ideas, some more abstract than others, influence the genre of each pinching series.  Presently a new series of satellites has gained my attention. I'm also researching ideas of displacement and excavation through slab built pieces. These works presuppose mental space, uncover visual metaphors and ask questions about existence and obsolescence. Again, the resultant image in the clay reveals to me and provides me scope to concretely philosophize about material and ethereal values.